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The Black Church Production presents “The Black Church”

In 1992 this play "The Black Church" was written by Dr. Arletha Lands as part of her collection called the 'Three Gospel Stories' of the Black Christian Church Community life.  The "Black Church" is described in four scenes providing the changes in the black church from 1800's, 1900's, 2000 and today.  The play interprets how the "Black Church" not being equipped or factually designed to handle our upcoming African American millennium community.  The core concerns that are generated by our societal norms and protocols are left unaddressed which heavily relates to the empowerment, namely dignity, identity and significance for the African American culture... the theology in the black church however is historically and culturally determined.

Reverend Nathaniel Washington an old southern Baptist preacher leads the church using traditional methods of biblical teachings and theological facts as though he is still under the laws of slavery without change.  He is a traditional educator of the word and has concerns regarding the spiritual growth of the future youth souls.  Preacher Elijah Williams, the assistant to Reverend Washington, a northern preacher that was more cognitive theologically oriented because of his greater access to formal education.  He theologically addressed salvation by grace through faith in Christ and adequately addressed empowerment core concerns of the African American church millenniums community.  But the real issues of deceit is when Preacher Elijah Williams thinks he's better equipped than Rev. Washington and tries to take over the congregation, even to the point of opening his own church called "The New Millennium Baptist Church."

The play focus on the 'Black Church' recognition and understanding that it is time for a 'Divine Call to Repentance among Christian Leaders'.  Looking at the reality of how we as a culture got away from God: the forgetfulness of God's warnings in how we handle his purpose for us, and the Church Today - How we come back to God (including our upcoming millenniums who have no understanding who God is and rebellious about why they should serve and worship a GOD whom they can not see) - and most importantly, the Redemptive plan for Humanity for the new millennials in the Black Church.

In the new Millenniums world today, there is an overload of frustrations, murdering, hatred, racism, turning to drugs, tragedy, mental health issues, and because the church is suppose to be the foundation for positive directions, self-improvement, and most importantly make disciple for Christ, as christian believers.  But the question still is: Why are we not developing the GOD SHIP plan to Salvation?

Written, Directed, Executive Producer and Artistic Director

Dr. Arletha Angel Lands-McTair

Assistant Director
Mr. Whitfield McTair

The Black Church

August 24 -25. 2019