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The Tutorial and Cultural Empowerment Program (TACE) is a script-study, literacy development program during the school year that primarily serves students labeled as underachievers and having large academic deficiencies.  Students are provided homework assistance from tutors and receive regular feedback on their progress from parents and teachers.

TACE includes a theater component, whereby, the participants learn written and verbal skills in a creative environment that encourages self-expression.  Through this program, instructors in the role of mentors provide the nurturing and guidance needed for these young people to blossom.

TACE promotes feelings of solidarity, provides fun activities, and converts learning about math, science and english into an enjoyable shared experience.  We utilize dance, videotape, choral and other activities to enhance cultural exposure and to elevate self-esteem.  School aged youth from elementary, high school and college interact with adults, seniors and educators. From our doctorate level instructor to our participating mothers, BRG's after school program serves the community on a daily basis with a wealth of talent and expertise.

The observation of behavior improvement in the youth enrolled in the TACE program reveals that out youth exhibit newfound eagerness to get involved in reading circles and acting on stage.

Students learn:

Time Management Skills

Students are to bring assigned homework back to their teacher, on time, completed neatly and accurately done.

English Literature

Students participate in writing and producing plays at the theater

Interviews & Public Speaking

Audience Forums after performances provide immediate and candid feedback; peer-to-peer interaction; conversational skills