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Black Repertory Group has been linking children, youth and people from all cultures and backgrounds with an interest in African American history and theater for over 50 years. Our audiences are representative of cultural groups suffering disproportionate and increasing socio-economic gaps.

African Americans are amongst the racial and ethnic groups that have the highest morality rates of leading causes of death. Our communities in this country have some of the most discouraging rates for indicators of health, wellness and quality of life.

Historically the demographics of the surrounding neighborhood indicate the BRG Cultural Arts Center borders on census tracks that lead Alameda County in poverty, low-education, over-crowded housing, unemployment, working poor and street violence.

Our programs are designed to interact with one another and provide an interchangeable platform to educate and learn about all aspects of our culture and most importantly about our individual self.

We hope that you see the value and merit of our programming and join in our efforts to improve the quality of our lives and keep the culture healthy and strong: ONE PERSON AT A TIME!

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