We need your help to keep our doors open, servicing the youth and keeping the arts alive in our community!
We can and will reopen with your help!
Keepers of the Culture, please support this 57 year old legacy with emergency donations.

Cultural Arts Center

Birel L. Vaughn Theater

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BRG Mission

"If my Mom, Nora Vaugn were alive today; she'd tell you that the Black Repertory Group Theater is a Revolutionary Theater and that both of my parents initially started using theater as a means to impart knowledge about the rich history of Black Americans way back in Vicksburg, Mississippi where Mom and Dad were also high school teachers." Dr. Mona Vaughn-Scott

The Black Repertory Group's commitment to the arts and the community is the cornerstone of our background and the basis for our beginning. Our primary mission is:

  1. To perform and showcase the works of African-American playwrights
  2. To educate, develop, and raise levels of self-esteem in youth using dramatic arts
  3. To revitalize the individual person and hence revitalize the community
  4. To be the breeding ground for successful and talented artist in a variety of genres with respect to the arts.
  5. To serve as a beacon of light for those who thought they had no ability to achieve and contribute to their community in a positive way
  6. To re-invest the entertainment dollar back into our community

As a social agency, BRG's creative drama centered programming is designed to address community issues, especially those facing our children, youth, and young adults. These programs provide an opportunity to develop confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness in our participants.

Our focus is on providing the direction and educational structures needed to enhance participant skills and a venue that affords new talent to be showcased and critiqued by local critics and peers.

We are equally committed to bringing leadership and commitment to the training of our community. Young people and the youth workshops have always been at the heart of the Theater's mission. Black Repertory Group offers a variety of community outreach programs designed to introduce, educate, mentor and elevate a young person's skills in the arts. The BRG speaks to local high schools and provides on-the-job training and internships to local youth interested in Theater Arts.

Rudy Dee and Ossie Davis nicknamed Birel and Nora Vaughn "Keepers Of The Culture". The BRG fosters a creative environment that celebrates the artistic contributions of black artists throughout American History. BRG provides opportunities to develop individual and young artists, and for our youth to discover a rich, black cultural heritage.